We offer lots of varieties of ethnic foods specializing in Latino products.  We carry an extensive selection of top quality bulk packaged products- fresh nuts, dried fruit, dried peppers and dried beans are just a few examples.

El Milagro Corn Tortillas

El Milagro has been making tortillas, tostadas and chips in Chicago since 1950. Their products are all-natural, never using pre-processed or artificial ingredients.

El Milagro

La Preferida Pinto Beans

La Preferida has been producing authentic Mexican food products in the Chicago area for over four generations. They offer an extensive line of Mexican groceries and their pinto beans are a favorite of our customers.

pinto beans

Goya Sazón

The secret to creating the authentic flavors of Latino cuisine. Goya Sazón’s special blend of seasonings makes every dish it graces taste truly exceptional. Just one packet makes a world of difference.


Goya Adobo Seasoning

To make all your dishes taste their very best, make sure you shake on Goya Adobo before cooking. Adobo’s perfect blend of garlic, oregano and other Latino spices is the perfect seasoning for all your meat, poultry and fish dishes. A simple shake is all it takes.

goya adobo

V&V Supremo Queso Fresco

Queso Fresco plays a major role in Mexico’s culinary heritage; this distinctive fresh cheese is a Mexican family tradition. Historically every family ranch had its own recipe for the popular Mexican style “farmer’s cheese”. V&V Supremo® uses all-natural, non-processed ingredients to produce the fresh, creamy, lightly salted flavor, and crumbly texture of this traditional cheese. Preferred with: Crumbling it over soups, salads, refried beans and tacos, or using it to fill enchiladas and chiles rellenos. Queso Fresco can also be enjoyed by itself, or as a side dish to compliment your favorite foods.

supremo queso fresco

V&V Suprmo Crema

One of the true riches of Mexican food is found in V&V’s Crema Supremo®, a rich, smooth sour cream, made from all-natural, non-processed ingredients.It blends superbly into any recipe, enhancing it with dairy fresh sour cream. Let Crema Supremo® carry the tradition of quality and flavor to your meals. Preferred with: topping on tacos, tostadas and flautas.

supremo crema supremo

McCormick Mayonnaise with Lime

McCornick is known for being a leader in spices and seasonings, but in Latino markets, they are also known for their unique lime mayonnaise. McCormick Mayonnaise is not your ordinary mayo. McCormick’s Mayonesa con Jugo de Limones (with lime juice), is imported from Mexico. It is not as citrusy as the name promises. It’s more like Latin American crema, the thick tangy cream that goes well with spicy food. It’s denser and more luxurious than American mayonnaise, with none of the characteristic sweetness.

mccormick mayonnaise

Jumex Mango Nectar

Jumex Mango Nectar has the sweet, tropical flavor of fresh mango. Drink it alone or add it to cocktails or sparkling water.

jumex mango

Salsa Valentina

Hailing from Guadalajara, Mexico, Salsa Valentina is a leading hot sauce both in Mexico and abroad. Its tangy, spicy flavor brightens everything from meat and beans to tacos and tostadas. Buyer beware: It only comes in two varieties: spicy and extra spicy!


Tajin Seasoning

Want to spice up your fruits and vegetables? Tajin seasoning is a chile and lime powder that gives a tangy brightness to watermelon, oranges, mango, cucumbers, jicama and many other types of fruits and vegetables.

tajin seasoning
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