It’s that time again – snow, cold, wind chills and…..ponche, atole and champurrado from Pete’s!
Ponche is a Mexican hot punch that will warm you from the inside out, filling your house with scents of cinnamon, sugar cane, apples and guavas. To “spike” things up, add your favorite shot of brandy, rum or tequila.

Champurrado and Atole are milk-based drinks. Champurrado is a thick chocolate and Atole is made with milk and pecans.

Come and try Ponche, Champurrado, and Atole and get rid of those winter blues. They will be available for sampling as well as purchase by the cup throughout the winter months.

Ponche Mexicano

3 canela
2 libra de tamarindo
15 flores de jamaica
1 libra de dulce piloncillo
2 libras de azúcar (o según su gusto)
1 caña cortada en palitos
1 libra de pasitas
1 libra de ciruelas pasas
1 libra de guayabas congeladas
2 lata de 32 oz. de guayabas
en almíbar
2 libras de tecojotes
1 libra de manzanas Granny Smith
1 libra de manzanas Honeycrisp
½ libra de peras Bosc
½ libra de peras Anjou
1 naranja pelada
1 membrillo
1 botella de Ponche Mix

Hay que llenar una vaporera grande a la mitad con agua y hervirlo. Luego, hay que agregar la canela y dejarlo hervir unos cinco minutos. Luego, hay que agregar las cosas en órden según la lista, una ingrediente cada cinco minutos. Hay que hervirlo unos poco minutos más y estar seguro de no cocinar la fruta demasiado.

¡Felices Fiestas!

Mexican Hot Punch

3 Cinnamon Sticks
2 lb. Tamarind Pods
15 Hibiscus Flowers
1 lb. Piloncillo or Brown Sugar
2 lbs. Granulated Sugar
(or according to taste)
1 Sugar Cane
(cut into approx. 3-in. segments)
1 lb. Raisins
1 lb. Prunes
1 lb. Frozen Guavas
2 32 oz. can of Guavas in Syrup
2 lbs. Hawthorn Apples
1 lb. Granny Smith Apples
1 lb. Honeycrisp Apples
½ lb. Bosc Pears
½ lb. Anjou Pears
1 Orange, peeled
1 Quince
1 bottle of Ponche Mix

Fill a large stock pot halfway with water and boil. When the water boils, add the cinnamon and boil for five minutes. Continue to add the ingredients in order, one at a time, letting each boil for about five minutes. Let it boil for a few minutes at the end, making sure not to overcook the fruit.

Happy Holidays!

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