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Baskets of produce are our signature trademark here at the Pete’s Fruit Market. For years Pete’s Fruit Market has mastered the way we sell produce. Everyday a wide variety of produce can be found in our baskets at the most affordable prices in town. We try and promote healthy home cooking at the best prices. Here are just a few of our options we carry all year round:


Green and red seedless grapes are a great compliment to any fruit salad melody. Also they are great to just rinse and eat as a quick pick-me-up during your day.


Bell Peppers

Baskets of bell peppers (Green, Red, Yellow, and Orange) are perfect for cooking for the whole family. Dishes like stir-fry, fajitas, omelets, stuffed peppers and much more can be done with ease on yourself and your wallet.

bell peppers


Salsa and marinara sauce lovers everywhere cannot resist a basket of juicy ripe tomatoes.

Pete's Fruit Market