George T. – This is going to be my number One place now for fruits and vegetables. 1 dollar, buckets 2 buck buckets and 3 buck buckets. We ended up getting  all kinds of salad fixings, tomatoes, limes, garlic, peppers, onions  the selections is great and shopping on Monday is the way to go because on the weekends this place gets busy!

Up front as Cory Z. said they still have the deal of the day. You can’t go wrong with a whole tray of strawberries for a dollar!  A whole case!  You need to use them fast as they were clearance.  Hell… buy it and give half away to neighbors.

They also have a small prepped food deli to get your carnitas and BBQ.

The staff here are always busy but they take the time to help you find exactly what you need.

Use a basket for quick in and out or get a cart and park it,  to do your hunt and gathering with ease.

Money saving tip:  Check on FB they have a group page where people discuss the great deals. And the store also answers questions, so its interactive.

Pete's Fruit Market